we care & we protect

"we care & we protect" is a tagline used by the company to implement our mission and vision. Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide exceptional service, eliminating delays, and developing the industry standard for Extended Warranty Programs. Besides, our company also provides personal accident insurance protection to eligible customers who purchased our warranty plan.

Further, our focus is to be a leading company in the industry that provides efficient service with affordable offer for the customers without apprehension. Additionally, our Extended Vehicle Warranty commonly referred to as vehicle service contract or extended warranties have helped customers save on expensive auto repairs after their manufacturer's auto warranty has expired.

Our earlier target market is for passenger cars including SUV and MPV be it individual or company registered. In the beginning, our market penetration is focused more on reconditioned and used vehicles, though with increasing volume of business we are currently exploring the opportunity to collaborate with new car manufacturer/franchise holders or distributors to further expand our reach to the mass in order to strengthen our position within the market.

We are also proud to note that we are now entering another niche market; the motorcycle warranty service provision. Our presence in this segment will provide us with the opportunity to share and extend our customer-oriented/focused services to clients/dealers and customers which corresponds with our tagline.